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In macro-economic terms there is concern across the European Union that health does not figure prominently enough in the economic development plans of Member States at both national and regional levels. Health ClusterNET is one of a number of initiatives that seek to address this situation. Specifically, the members of Health ClusterNET share a view that:

  • Economic clusters, combining public and private sectors in successful partnerships, are significant features of successful regions.
  • Publicly funded health systems have considerable leverage (people, capital, procurement, innovation) that can contribute to building dynamic and inclusive regions. 
  • Nobody has worked out how to release and maximize this hidden public sector capacity effectively how to connect health systems and regional development. This is a 'know-how' capacity gap.

In response to these three insights, Health ClusterNET facilitates the sharing of information, experience and ideas between partner regions about how to engage the health sector more effectively in regional development. The focus of this work is 6 thematic knowledge themes:

  • procurement practice that helps create dynamic local businesses,
  • employment opportunities for vulnerable social groups,
  • capital investment models and cross-sector investments that are affordable and locally relevant,
  • promoting the regional added value of innovation.
  • maximising health gain from structural funds
  • reducing health inequalities through developing evidence-based regional action plans.
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