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Health innovations

This knowledge theme explores how health sector investment, policy and practice in R&D can be aligned with regional policies on technology development/application and entrepreneurship. This involves relevant stakeholders, making best use of structural funds, mobilising wide range of local resources and encouraging health sector investment in R&D within the health sector supply chain and university sector in ways that create social added value from innovation and technology transfer.

Among the issues to be addressed are how to:

  • promote integration of technology and infrastructure (housing, transport, health care delivery) in order to promote social value e.g. online elderly communities,
  • foster the development of local SMEs (cross-link with C2 procurement theme),
  •  improve entrepreneurial skills and support the development of new environmentally friendly technologies,
  • promote women's participation in technology development,
  • enhance international competitiveness of SMEs (support to traditional products and creativity, development of ICT technology and E-commerce),
  • develop efficient business consultancy and innovation (establishing regional business centres, organising fairs).
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