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Maximising health gain from Structural Funds

The EUREGIOIII project led by HCN supported the innovative approach of using Structural Funds for health. The general objective of the project was to extend the results of EUREGIO to identify & share best actions for the effective use of structural funds for health & help reduce health inequalities among EU regions. It was a key resource to help Member States, regional & local authorities and actors to develop, apply & implement Structural Funds (SF) projects for health gain.

EIII built access to practical know-how knowledge that regions had identified as a priority need for development for the 2007-2013 period. To guarantee the impact of EIII in the longer term, it informed the shaping of a cooperation mechanism to support regions in maximising health gains from mainstream SF programmes.
So, EIII fulfilled the priority action 3.3.2 of the Work Plan 2008 that aimed at reducing health inequalities in the EU. Also, EIII addressed basic principles of “Together for Health” (e.g. Principle 2 “Health is the Greatest Wealth”). By using SF for health, the EU principle of “Health in all Policies” reaches a new dimension that was systematically pursued by EIII, covering all EU regions with a specific focus on new MS. In particular, EIII aided the implementation & assurance of DG SANCO, DG REGIO DG EMPL and DG ENTERPRISE policies.

Overall, the intent was to make information available to regions, their health systems, local authorities & other actors who potentially apply for & implement Structural Funds. Lessons learned from the case studies and the other project actions, are now being used to help improve the effectiveness of structural funds investment in health care and reducing health inequalities in line with relevant Cohesion Policy 2014-2020 thematic objectives.

Click here for the learning recources of the project (workshop and master class materials, practical knowledge database, cross-sectoral studies).

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