Health investment and spending contributing to sustainable regional development

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Recent and current work includes

2014-2016 partner in DanuBalt (Novel Approaches in Tackling the Health Innovation and Research Divide in the Danube and Baltic Sea Region)


2013-2016 partner in and coordinating BENCH-CAN (Benchmarking comprehensive cancer care providing interdisciplinary treatment for patients with best practice examples)



2012-2015 partner in and coordinating (with University of Maastricht) HealthEquity-2020 (Reducing health inequalities – preparing regional action plans and Structural Fund projects)   ecec



2012 Guide to the negotiation of health infrastructure and health service priorities in the post 2013 programming period in convergence regions. Internal DG REGIO paper


2009-2012 lead partner for EUREGIO III (how to improve investment in health care in EU regions using structural funds)



2010 How health systems can address health inequities through improved use of Structural Funds. WHO/EURO


2005-2008 An Interreg IIIC network operation as Health ClusterNET (How health sector spending can contribute to achieving regional economic and social policy goals). Outputs include policy agendas for local procurement (Bilbao Agenda 2006), affordable capital investment (Graz Agenda 2006), inclusive employment (Pecs Agenda 2007) and health innovation clusters (Liverpool Agenda 2007)
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